My First Lesson And My First Guitar

Well it was the summer of 2018 and I thought to myself , its now or never!

I always wanted to play the guitar from an early age. Blues artist like Buddy Guy, B B King, Lightnin Hopkins and John Lee Hooker got my juices flowing to learn that instrument.

It just sounds so raw. No bells or whistles. Pure Emotion!

Made my way to my local music store in Bradford called Access All Areas Bradford.

That place was just raw and it felt like a time machine that took me back to the 70/80’s. I loved the vibe.

Well, I met Billy Lockwood who just looked like someone from an 80’s band and felt straight away that I was in the right place.

Great guy and an awesome teacher. He is all hands on and hardly baffles you with science. That was important to me – hands on. It is easy to scare a student off with a Bible full of music notations and tabs on his first lesson.

He had me playing that e-minor chord on the first day. Sounds crazy, but that felt great in the wider scheme of things.

Came back the next day to collect a purchase off Billy.

I just fell in love with the Vintage-vsa535cr as pictured below. It was there hooked up on the wall in the shop , crying out for me!


Since then I have purchased the amazing SG and a Strat.

Here are a few videos I have put up since on my YouTube Channel called GuitarNutter.

The bottom line is if you are from Bradford and want to learn Base, Guitar, Drums etc – Access All Areas is the place to visit.

The student of the Guitar – Riaz Ahmed

Image Credit: Khalid M Malik


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