Q. Will you string, restring or tune my instrument?

We try to help no matter what problem you are having with your instrument.
We have experienced staff and also know several specialists in the music industry for when a problem with an instrument seems a bit more unusual than normal.
Whatever it is, you are welcome to call and discuss.

Q. Are the music tutor flexible?

Absolutely, Yes!
We recognise that different people want to learn in different ways (and with different instruments).
Luckily we have an experienced music tutor who can adapt what he teach’s, to what you want to learn.
We have set lesson plans for those who want it, but for the rest, tell us what you are looking for and we will accommodate.

Q. Can I have a lesson when I am available and it suits me?

We teach 7 days a week, mornings, afternoons, evenings and weekends.
Chances are we can agree a time with you that will fit in with any busy lifestyle.

Q. Do you have an ‘OUT OF HOURS’ service?

Yes we do.
There is nothing worse than setting up for a concert after the shops have shut and finding you need some guitar strings or a new drum skin.
Well we can help!
Here at Access All Areas we provide an ‘out of hours’ service and try to make stock available when you need it in an emergency.
Contact Billy Lockwood on 07860 558547.

Q. Do you do repairs?

The simple answer is yes.
Some repairs are performed in the shop and some have to be sent for specialist repair.
We are able arrange repairs for a great amount of different instruments. In each case you are welcome to call Billy Lockwood on 07860 558547 and he will be able to supply you with useful information about repairs which should allow you to make a good decision about what might be the best thing to do.

Q. Can I try out the instruments?

We believe in good old fashioned customer service.
Call Billy Lockwood and discuss when you might be calling in (07860 558547).
He will make sure he is waiting for you and have whatever you are wanting to try out ready for you.

Q. Do you know musicians, bands to hire or a rehearsal room?

Yes we do!
Here we are well connected in the music scene, we are constantly assisting local musicians and bands and can put you in touch if you need to contact them.
We also have a rehearsal room with in our property where you can practice or jam with your band.