Welcome to Crown Custom Guitar Repairs & Luither Services.

Waxing £5

Polishing £5

Fret Board Oiling £2

Restringing (Full £10) Or (Single £3)

Fret Board Polishing £3

Minor Repairs Starts At £10 plus Parts

Pick Up Replacements £20 plus Parts

Jack Replacing £10 plus Parts

Wiring £18 plus Parts

Guitar Cable Fixing £2

Full Guitar Kit Builds Between £100 and £180 Depending On Build And Finish Of Guitar , Plus Parts.

Re-fretting £75 plus Strings

Fret Levelling £65

For Major Repairs Please Come In And Ask For Quotes.

Any Specific Repairs That Are Not Listed, Please Pop In For A Consultation And We Can Advise On What We Can Do etc.

Tel No: 0797 1259 836