One of our consistent music students is Coronation Street Actor Nathan Graham At Access All Areas Bradford.

He plays James Bailey and has been on set since 2019.

He was born in Dewsbury and now resides in Bradford.

We took a few moments out to chat with him about his interest in Music etc.

AAA – How did you get into acting and what other roles have you played?

NG – I was always interesting in acting, so took up Dancing School and have done shows in London and Bradford.

Spent some time focusing on acting career.

I studied Musical Theatre at Bird College. Also made appearance in the short film Bus Stop Romeo and on stage I have appeared in Dream girls, Miss Saigon, 20th Century Boy and Loserville.

AAA – What is your favourite musical instrument?

NG – It’s the Drums. I have always been interested in listening to grooves, rhythms and beats.

This has lead me to start playing the drums amongst my busy schedule. It’s now been 2 years or so I have been learning the drums.

AAA – What type of music and Artists do you like?

NG – I am not the type who is just stuck to one genre. I like all types of music that sounds great.

I have quite a few artists I like, and amongst them are Bruno and MJ.

Coronation Street Actor Nathan Graham At Access All Areas Bradford
Billy Lockwood with Nathan Graham

AAA – How did you come across Access All Areas Bradford?

NG – It was just by chance that my Uncle was taking Guitar lessons there, so I thought it would be a good idea to take music lessons there aswell.

AAA – What do you think of Access All Areas Bradford and Billy Lockwood’s teaching?

NG – I find the place very easy to access and has a great vibe/environment to it. Its quite unique in its own way.

I find Billy really down to earth and very friendly. He has vast amount of skill in the music industry and I feel pretty confident to learn and listen to him.

What I like is that he is hands on and we can play the drums together. This really helps me to lock into the beats.

AAA – Do you have any intentions in forming a Band in the future?

NG – Not really.

I just enjoy playing the drums as hobby and it gets me away from the pressures of a busy schedule.

Therapeutic actually!

AAA – Finally, as a young actor and an inspiring drummer what message would you like to give out to the youth?

NG – Always follow your passions and never give up. Keep busy and creative especially in these testing times.

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Credit Images:  studio68


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